Jun 25, 2007

Kota Tua, Jakarta

It was a lovely Sunday morning, my good friend Jaka and I went for a 30%-off brunch at Imperial Chef, Kota Tua, Jakarta. Chinese food such as dim sum, siew mai, bakpao, hok.. oh shit I can never remember all the names. But hell, are they dee-lee-cious!!

Of course Jaka had a great idea of bringing his handycam to record our just-for-the-heck-of-it walk in the old town. But of course, he also did something not so great by not inserting any DVD (of some kind) in the handycam and there's not built-in memory. Hahaha.

10 AM was the latest when you can get the discount, and we arrived at 9.30, due to my sleeping-in, had to wait for a table about 15 minutes. Yes, we still got the discount! Total was Rp 65.000,00 for all of our meals. Not bad at all, huh? And we were stuffed. No doubt.

Then it was time to go taking pictures...!!!

First, by the river.

The alleys.

The curiosity.

The buildings.

The sidewalks. Doors. Windows.

The pillars (Museum Keramik).

The end of our photo trip.

Next destination: Athena, Greece...?



  1. hmmm keren2....
    gw suka nih daerah ini. btw, kok gw gak pernah tahu yah ada daerah kaya gini??? Kalo jalan2 sendirian gitu aman gak sih disini??

  2. aman kok, apalagi cowok. tapi kalo bawa tustel keren dan keliatan mahal, ya extra hati2 aja :)

    hayuk atuh kapan2 kita jalan2 ke sana, tapi sore hari mungkin akan lebih menyenangkan dan bagus :D

  3. Anonymous10:45 AM

    I took the taking-a-Leak-Pic!

    hayoo... letz go AtheNs!!!

  4. Anonymous12:59 PM

    kaya di belanda or somewhere europe gitu ya vir