Apr 1, 2009

Bali Beaches and getting high

(part 4)
Dreamland beach

The day after new year’s eve, we went to Dreamland beach, Uluwatu, high on the southernmost of peninsula of the island. It was a precious discovery less than a decade ago, but now it’s too crowded (or maybe because it was January 1st where everyone was vacationing in Bali just like we were), and the beautiful beach view is somewhat ruined by the building constructions in progress. 

People still do come here to surf though, cos it does provide great waves and pipes and all. I’m hoping when the resort or whatever it is they’re building is done, everything will look beautiful again, hence suits the name. 

You wonder how to get there? Well, if you are from Kuta, just take the main road of Uluwatu (Jalan Uluwatu) to the Uluwatu direction. The unguarded entrance will be on your right, and you’ll see big statues of Hanoman (monkey-like creature from the puppetry) and Garuda Wisnu Kencana (a huge prehistoric bird ridden by a knight.. err.. Vishnu.. err.. I forgot who that was).

From the entrance, you’ll still have to drive down the road, but you’ll be seeing a peek of the ocean far down there ahead of you. Just follow the asphalt road and you’ll get to the beach. Rays of light in the afternoon was such a beauty..!
Padangpadang bay, Uluwatu beach, Bluepoint bay
These are also quite known beaches for surfing. Uluwatu beach is only about 3 km away from Dreamland. Padangpadang and Bluepoint bays are near there as well, but it’s kinda confusing where to take right and left turns. If you’re not going with a local, I think you better ask direction to local people that you see on the streets. 

Actually we were going to Padangpadang because our friends Adiena and her hubby Ricky recommended us to go there, they said it’s beautiful. But too bad only Mumun and Keta (by Keta’s motorcycle) that got there, while Igoy and I (by Igoy’s motorcycle) was lost and got to Uluwatu beach, and then on our next try to find Padangpadang we got to Bluepoint bay and had a jaffle there. 

In these three places, the beaches are all way down there where you have to take the long stairs to get to. Igoy and I enjoyed the sunset at Bluepoint as well as Mumun and Keta enjoyed the sunset at Padangpadang. (hey, why does it sound like a separated double date? Hahahaaha..!!! It was so.. not!)

Warning: make sure your motorcycle is in good shape if you’re taking it to this area because the road is going up and down like crazy. 

This beach is most known for its seafood diners that light up the area each night. Rows of restaurants and tables on the beach lit by torches really make this area alive. 

I heard that the bombing which took place a few years ago at exactly Nyoman Seafood quite made a setback of business here, but when we were there everything was already back to normal. 

It’s always lovely to dine on the beach while listening to the sound of waves and musicians playing at other tables.
What’s also unique about this place is that you get to choose your own dinner, as in choose the exact fish/crab/squid/oyster that you want them to cook for you. 

So, first you choose in which cafĂ© you wanna eat, then choose the dinner victims (fishes to fry, crabs to boil, squids to stir fry, etc), then you sit at one of the tables, wait for the waiters to serve you, and just enjoy one of most exotic dinners you could ever have… :) 
Ooh why is my stomach growling right now? Oh, and yours too..!
Geger beach

This is also a beach that we knew from a friend who’s lived a couple of years in Bali, Febi, my college friend. Geger beach is quite near from Nusa Dua, a bit more to the south. Foreigners go here to surf and tan. When I got here, I couldn’t help from humming, “What a wonderful world..”

We parked our car at the parking area, Febi and Keju their motorcyle, but don’t expect a smooth asphalt road here. The driveway is pretty bumpy and narrow. 

We got out of the car, got our beach amenities ready, walked down the stone stairs to a spread out area full of beauty.. the white sand beach, light blue ocean, people relaxing on the beach chairs, people tanning topless on canoes, and some surfers walk about carrying their surfboards.. Life is a beach…!

Febi, Keju, Desy, and Angky, these four lucky bastards, took us – Mumun, Edo, and me – to a more desolated inlet, to which we had to walk past a coral cliff through the water. 

I was kinda worried with Febi and Angky’s baby, Kafka, being carried through this difficult route, but apparently they’re familiar with Geger already. Yeah so would I, if only I’d been living in this paradise island like themselves. (Oh Envy, please go away..)
Mushy mushy shroom

It’s so unlikely that people can get high legally in this country and in so many other countries. But the fact is shrooms (mushrooms) are sold freely on this island of gods. At least for now. We were curious what it was like, so we bought Fanta juice blended with a portion of shroom and drank it at the Kuta beach, Mumun and me. Bondy and Edo weren’t in for the ‘trip’, but later we had sooooo much fun playing movie charade under the influence.. I felt like I wanted to sink in the sand and Mumun just could not stop laughing..! (Kids, do not try this at home nor anywhere..!)

I forgot on what street the shroom was sold, but it was near the Polsek area of Kuta (polsek is some sort of police office). A portion of shroom cost Rp 20,000 but it expires in, like, only 2 days or so. 

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