Jan 4, 2010

Getting Around in Yogyakarta And Ended the Day in Kafe Via Via

DAY # 5

MIROTA BATIK and a stroll on Malioboro Street

Yup, we went back there again on our last full day in Jogja. Some of us still had some souvenirs to buy. Isn’t that what a last day is for?

This time, I bought a batik dress for a friend of mine for Rp 42,500 and a batik wide pleated skirt for Rp 84,000 which I forgot to photograph. Darn!

And then, while waiting for the others to finish their shopping, I went and checked out the sidewalk market, which is consisted of a lot of stalls – which are made of only tables and hanger poles. Most of the goods sold there are t-shirts, batik products, and other traditional mass products like rattan purses and silver jewelries. Mind you, these are even cheaper stuff than the ones in Mirota, so don’t expect too high of quality. I got myself a tie-dye t-shirt for only Rp 15,000.

Getting out of Windy's house for another shopping stroll

We took becaks to get to Malioboro street

Surabi, the breakfast that Aunt Tung provided for us in the early morning


We got back to Windy’s house, waved goodbye to Aunt Tung, and put our bags in the trunk of a taxi. We were heading to Perwita Sari on Prawirotaman street, but first we made a stop at Gadri Resto for lunch on Rotowijayan street. It’s actually the house of Prince Joyokusumo of the Yogyakarta sultanate, he’s the little brother of the ruling sultan in present time, Sri Sultan Hamengku Bowono X.

The front porch is turned into the restaurant with a little spot in the corner by the cash register dedicated as a batik workshop.

You can go inside to see the antique Javanese decorated house. The family still live in that house, but mostly in the back part of it.

The serving took a while, we had to reconfirm with the waitress whether our orders have been cooked or not. Turns out that there’s been a mix-up in our order. Oh well. After taking our time by checking out the bakery next door, finally we got our food. The taste was okay, but to my starving tummy it was a blessing!

Kania & Mia decided to just split a portion
because they didn't wanna wait for another one,
due to the mix up in order...

I had Blawon Rice, Rp 27.500 a portion. It’s consisted of rice, boiled egg, deep fried chicken, meat, salad, and a cracker. But from what I read in this guy’s blog, the name ‘blawon’ doesn’t really describe what’s on the plate, but the plate itself. He wrote that it came from the tradition in the colonial time where the kings used to be served food on dutch plates which mostly had blue paintings on it. Blue = ‘blauw’ in Dutch, and transformed into Blawong or Blawon in Javanese. Interesting, eh?

Maybe I should check out the same-named menu in other restaurants. See if they do serve it on ‘blauw’ plates, unlike the one I had in Gadri Resto.


You must think that we are suckers for shopping. Well, we probably are. But as I’ve said before, my friends are here to shop, partly, for their new batik quilt business. So sometimes they had to look around in other places before deciding which ones to buy.

In our second visit to this shop, I finally came out with a bag purchase. Well I didn’t get anything for me, only a shirt for my dad and a loose blouse for my sister, both Rp 162,000 in total.


We then took off to our booked hotel on Prawirotaman street. Put our bags in the room, failed to swim in the pool because it didn’t look clean enough.. too bad.

When night was coming, we just rested at the hotel before finally went out for dinner.


Dinner was only across the street from our hotel, at Kafe Via Via. I always go there whenever I’m in Jogja.

We were satisfied with our meal there. Es dawet (sweet beverage with ice that’s basically made of coconut milk, palm sugar, and rice powder jelly), Banana lassi, java coffee, fried tempeh, various pasta, sausages, and garlic bread, all for Rp 157,500.

They provide both local and international food and beverage, also free wi fi connection. Visitors are both local and international. Kania played fortune telling on us with the playing cards that's provided at the cafe before we went back to our hotel...

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