Apr 5, 2010

Things To Do in Shenzhen, China

What you're about to see here are the touristy things to do in Shenzhen ;D 

Splendid China

The first thing we did in Shenzhen was go to the Splendid China – China Folk Culture Villages. Our aim was to see the Dancing with the Dragon and the Phoenix show at an open-air amphitheatre. The entrance fee to the whole park was RMB 120 / pax and the show started at 7.30 PM. If only we got there much earlier, we could see a lot more smaller shows which portray the cultural diversities of Chinese tribes. But that’s alright, cos this phoenix show was my main target to see in Shenzhen, as my dad had told me great things about it (he went there in an organized trip last year).

The show, much like the Siam Niramit in Bangkok, tells the history, beliefs, and cultures of China. It’s an enchanting experience to see a live colossal acts with magical colorful laser beams, floating effects, fire, water fountains, horses and goats running around on stage, OH I CANNOT DESCRIBE IT ALL IN WORDS, you just have to see it for yourself. These pics will probably help you visualize what I’m talking about.

That's a real person floating in the middle of smokey lasers..
Awe to the Some!!!

and here's the awesomeness in video

Before sitting pretty and watching the show, we had some time to roam about the huge park. As fans of kung fu movies, Renny and I enjoyed the park very much. It was as though reliving our childhood fantasies of living in the kung fu village ^_^

We also paid for pictures in traditional Chinese costumes, but I forgot how much we had to pay. All I can remember is that the price was negotiable. They give you the printed and laminated pictures, and they directed the poses very quickly, we hardly had time to improvise our couture poses.

Various traditional costumes to choose from

Peacocks to take pictures with. They're pretty..but smelly..


Going back to our hotel was, as usual, a hassle. We forgot what bus stop we had to stop at, so we had to walk quite a distance before finally decided to just grab a cab. My new shoes started to kill me!

Roam about in Shenzhen city

Splendid China, checked. Wonder of the World? Nah.. not for me. So, what else did we have in our to-do list? Not much, really. Somehow Shenzhen didn’t appeal much to us. What’s that, shopping? Well, we did a lot in Guangzhou already, plus we still got Bangkok on the way. So we decided to just roam about the city centre.

...trying to figure out which way we should go...
Imagine there's no country, no religion, no language barrier... LOL

We took the bus to the Window of the World metro station (Shijiezhichuang) and hopped off at the Laojie station. Checked out some shopping areas, didn’t really purchase anything, and headed to Dajuyuan station.

Near the station, there’s a building called Shenzhen Grand Theater (we saw it on our map). Turned out, there was no show going on at that time. Our hungry tummies forced us to stop and had lunch at a restaurant within this Vision Fashion Hotel attached to the Grand Theatre building.

Hey, the restaurant matched my frames!

--> The food was okay, and the manager was kind enough to let Renny use the internet for a while for free. She was checking wether or not our next flight schedule was changed, and nope it wasn’t.

--> The only stylish person that we saw in the city

The city looked pretty boring to us. Skyscrapers all around, no chaotic traffic whatsoever, although there was a little kid swimming in a fountain pool in a park near the metro station.. hahaha.. pretty rural! We had to put more effort to come up with an idea of what to do next.. something interesting… aaandd… bingo!! Let’s check out a lake and a museum!!! LOL… LOL … LOL… We’re so brilliant, aren’t we?

--> Oops, all the museum photos are still in Renny’s cam.

Oh and here’s our last lunch in Shenzhen, the hardly found dim sum, at the CITIC City Plaza, a shopping mall at the Futian District.

--> And late at night, we were off flying to Bangkok.
PS: We failed to find any fridge magnet souvenirs in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Not even in Shenzhen airports nor the train stations. I wonder why...


  1. yeah, shenzhen is a bit gimmicky.
    I hope you like Guangzhou at least, it's where i grew up! hehee

  2. Yes, I did like Guangzhou a lot. I wouldn't mind going back there again someday. Oh, you grew up there? that must be pretty nice growing up there! which part of the city did you live? and what was your most memorable place / thing there?

  3. masih inget gak si cewe tukang foto itu men-direct gerakan kita. those are funny moves yaaa.
    pasti dia bilang gini dalem ati, 'sukur lo, mau aja gue kerjain'.

    btw, gue suka China Folk Culture Village.
    ehm, next list please.

  4. @flirty: iya, pose2nya template.. si mbak udah hapal luar kepala krn semua orang disuruh pose yg sama ..hahaha

  5. wah ,, seru2 ,, it's a very enjoying blog to read :D

    useful juga,, keep posting ya ;)

  6. thanks Miss Chocolate,
    will surely do :)