Feb 7, 2011

10 Days in Bali

10 days in Bali, mixing work, leisure, and Indohoy coverage. I'm not gonna lay everything out here because I'll do that for Indohoy . But I can't not share anything at all, so here's some of what I experienced in the trip, which ended only a few days ago.

Isn't she cute? (or was it a he?)
@ Bali Safari & Marine Park, Gianyar

Spending the last half an hour at the Fun Zone
@ Bali Safari & Marine Park, Gianyar

The way down to the beach
@ Blue Lagoon, Karangasem

Blue Lagoon beach
Waves were to big, I couldn't snorkel and see any fish

This is where I'd just sit and read a book
with the backsound of the waves
@ Candidasa beach

One of the bungalows at Puri Pandan
where I stayed in Candidasa
Mine was IDR 250,000 / night
but I haggled to IDR 200,oo0 / night

The beach at the back of Puri Pandan,
I had a great relaxing time just soaking at the shallow water
with some other tourists

Instead of going for the famous Bebek Bengil or Bebek Tepi Sawah,
I went for the crispy duck at Made Joni restaurant,

Rectangular pizza at Envy Restaurant,
courtesy of Holiday Inn Baruna Resort, Tuban.
Also where I had a small reunion with a college friend, bli Jacky

Mr. Nengah, my guide at the Goa Lawah temple.
My camera couldn't catch the bats - after which the temple is named -
that hang around in the cave just above the altar,
but boy, were there lots of them!
@ Goa Lawah, Karangasem

Cloudy morning at Jimbaran beach, just across to where I was staying.
The book is written by an American who's been living in Ubud for 26 years,
in consultation with the owner of Murni's Warung, a native Ubudian.

If only I didn't just hurt my foot, I would've done the same thing..
minus the dog

Open-aired shower, just the way I like it.
It's safe, nobody could peek unless they'd climb a coconut tree around the villa
@ Karma Jimbaran resort

If you're not staying at the resort,
you have to pay $35 to get to this beach
@ Karma Kandara resort
Thank God for freebies :D

Chocolate Baklava, ordered randomly at Nammos Beach Club
@ Karma Kandara

Attached to my Blackberry.. updating @indohoy's twitter account
@ Di Mare Restaurant, Karma Kandara

My villa's gate, just the way I love it
Santorini blue..
@ Karma Kandara

And you'd think an upscale resort is free from wildlife?
Well, this little dude came in uninvited.
Good thing there were fruits provided on the dinner table..
Off you go, monkey dude!
@ Karma Kandara

My new favorite place to eat and laze around.
Thanks to Gina who spotted it for me in a magazine :D
I also had another small reunion here with my other college friend, Amel
@ La Plancha, Seminyak

Another meal on the beach
@ Pasir Putih, Karangasem
But the sand wasn't that white,
and clearly not as white as I saw in a magazine

Learning to make a leaf container for offerings
@ Bali Classic Center (BCC), Ubud
And I sucked at it, I kept tearing up the leaves!

Rangda, an evil symbol in Balinese belief, but is actually good
because life has to have balance, therefore there have to be good and bad
@ Bali Classic Center (BCC), Ubud

I've been keeping this habit of writing postcards in my trips.
I love it :D

Sambal matah, a Balinese chili condiment.
I promise myself to learn making it myself.
It looks quite simple..

I discovered about this place towards my last day of stay
and I'm glad I went there, it's vast and beautiful!
@ Taman Ujung, Karangasem

Stupid me, I forgot to ask what is the name of this tree?
It's so Balinese and I find it so pretty..

Chubby monkey's probably waiting to be fed by the Balinese woman
@ Uluwatu

When the waves hit the rocks.. it always brings an amazing feeling,

How would you like sipping on a coconut drink
at the side of the Campuan River?
I loved it :)
@ Murni's Warung, Ubud

Waiting for sunset on a - thank God - bright sunny day
@ Rock Bar, Uluwatu

So there you go. Overall, I'm not a fan of traveling alone, though I did meet my colleagues and friends in my stay. But you know what, I think I'd give solo traveling another go and see how I could detach myself from my gadgets and socialize more. I need to be able to do that.


  1. viraaa... mau dong dikirimin kartu pos
    *mulai ketagihan*

  2. seruuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
    *tons of jealousy* -> sambil nunjuk pintu gerbang vila Santorini Blue. :p
    ini untuk majalah apa tante vir?

  3. @gina
    maybe you should start writing for magazines too and make connections. Don't expect big pay though, but in the long run do expect freebies :D
    Btw I'll let you know what mags I'm writing for when they're published, hopefully in March and/or April *wink*

  4. @rani:
    just you wait..
    I've written the postcard but I haven't got around to the post office..

  5. as you can see from my blog, i'm not good with words. :p
    i'll just end up combining them into silly & pointless sentences. XD

    yayyy!! March and/or April. Noted!!! *excited*

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