Jul 19, 2011

Shopping in Singapore, A Challenge Breaker

I know, I still owe myself a writing about Batanes, Philippines. But this weekend trip in Singapore just last weekend was also so fun and while I have a teeny tiny time to blog about it, then I am :D

Here's a collage of simply what I saw during the stay.

Didn't take many pics as I've been there a couple of times, and I was more focused on what I was doing.. which were:

- Highlight of it all: we saw The Lion King musical at Marina Bay Sands. Not allowed to take pictures of the show, but I swear to God, it was one of the greatest shows I've seen, and should I have more chances and money I certainly would see it FIVE TIMES. The cast, the music, the arts & props, the stage directing, the costumes, the singing, EVERYTHING WAS BRILLIANT!! It was my IDR 900,000ish well spent. Seriously!

- We saw Harry Potter, which ends it all. Planned to see the Kungfu Panda 2, but the tickets were all sold out :( Acul and I ended up watching Your Highness, Ipin and Odoy saw Transformers, while Renny and Lita were roaming around somewhere else. Your Highness is a crazy movie... ROFL...

- Shopping. And I broke my own challenge of not purchasing any clothes and accessories until the year ends. Turns out, 3 tops and a scarf went right in my shopping bags, among books, DVDs, and others. Teehee. Well, I can always revise my challenge to "No purchase of clothes and accessories until the year ends, except when I'm on vacations". Ha!

- Get healthy. By walking here and there, and not to mention getting lost because I held the map upside down alone at night..hahahaha..



  1. hehehe.
    trip bersama yang ngga pernah lengkap. kecuali tidur. hehehe.

    yuk lagi. :D

  2. yuk. sambil nonton Smurf 3D. *teuteup*