Jan 14, 2014


With our very limited time and budget, it was quite hard to find an accommodation that could fill our needs. Located in the heart of the Malacca city, affordable, clean and comfy. I wanted to go back to Puri, where I stayed in Malacca a few years ago, or Hangout Hotel, a branch of the hostel I've stayed in Singapore with my family, but they were all full-booked. Diyan patiently scrolled down the findings in Hotels.com and we finally fell for Galileo Guest House.

Galileo Guest House was located on Jalan Hang Kasturi, the room was about USD 30/night. The facility was worth more than that, I tell ya. There was a set of desktop computer in our room, the first time I've ever experienced in my traveling years! It's free for us to use, also with a good LAN connection and wifi for our mobiles.

Jo, the owner of Galileo Guest House, gave us a warm welcome and kindly gave us a tour around the first floor, explaining about all the facility.

An automated lock system is installed for the front door, Jo gave us the password. Then we're free to sit and watch TV in the cooled little lobby that's decorated extravagantly. An ironing table is provided in the hallway, against the peeled plastered wall. Down the aisle he led us to the dining table and kitchen, where we could refill our water bottles with water, coffee or tea. Two bathrooms with shower and hot water are to be shared by guests and Jo himself. The water heating system was kind of confusing to me, I ended up showering with cold water once.

The bathroom, the hallway seen from the kitchen,
and thank you notes from former occupants of Galileo Guesthouse.

Jo also gave us a photocopied map of the spots of the city that tourists usually find interesting. And he was super helpful with directions that we needed to know, from moneychanger to bag repair shop!
Location-wise, I could not have asked for a better one. We just needed to walk 3 minutes down the street to get to Jonker street, where happiness lies whenever I'm in Malacca. It's a night market every weekend nights, starting at about 6 pm. And about 5 minutes walk to the Restoration project house and Baba Nyonya house on Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock. A bit further walk got us to the riverside and the Red Church of Malacca, which is among the icons of Malacca.

The legendary red Christ Church, the Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum,
knick knacks on Jonker street, Diyan strolling the night market,
and the riverside.

Breakfast is not provided except bread and some jam. But we had a delish big breakfast at Calanthe Art Cafe that serves Malaysia 13 States' Coffees, only 2 minutes walk away from Galileo Guest House. It's where they serve 13 kinds of coffee from 13 states of Malaysia. Too bad We're not really coffee drinkers, but I would recommend you the place at least for another coffee experience. Oh and the place is nicely decorated with eclectic furniture, too. They only provide breakfast in weekends, the rest of the week they open starting noon.

Overall, it was a lovely stay at Galileo Guest House for me. Strategic location, affordable rate, friendly service, clean and comfy. This may come out as if I'm endorsed by them to write this, but nope, this is merely a review of a happy customer :)

Did I mention that Jo is a medical doctor who used to practice in Kuala Lumpur and decided to open a guest house in Malacca and practice medicine upon request only? So, I think you're in good hands when you're staying at his guest house :D

P.S.: This trip to Malacca was a "transit" before we flew back to Jakarta from Burma

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