May 21, 2014

City Trips Wish List

Okay, looks like everybody’s making a wish list on their blogs. At first I was, like, “Whaaat?” But when you wish for so many things, bookmarking them can be fun, let alone it might get your friends, spouses or maybe even readers to buy them for you as gifts! Hahahaha.. One can always hope and daydream, right?

As I was browsing around, I stumbled upon some stuff that could make my travel a stylish one, but still practical. I might be going to Singapore in July, I might not. But here are some stuff I wouldn’t mind wearing and using for a trip in a city.

A breezy summer dress from 

Unmatching shoes to go with the dress
but still are so cute!

Now, on the bag department, I have several options, from which I have a hard time choosing! 

My all-time favorite artist!
Kurt Cobain on a tote bag!

Or this one, as it is water-proof.
Hmm.. It's from, by the way.
Which ever the bag is, I'd go with these soft color babies.. 

2 Tone Sunglasses
They match the dress finely!
And they're bookmarked! 

And for a night out in a cafe, this looks
comfy and chic enough for Singapore.
Saw it on

As I am a scarf person, as my close friends would have noticed, I am torn between these two. Sometimes the cheaper one would win, but these scarfs have similar prices! Help!

Even this pattern has several color options.
Oh life, so many choices! 

So colorful, that it's versatile!
More color options here 

Head over to the gadget department, a brief and casual trip calls for a simple yet selfie-friendly tool. Hahaha.. I know, there's barely any connection between those two things, but.. I want this thing!

12x mobile telephoto lens with mini tripod!
But I gotta go buy an iPhone first.. LOL.

So, what are your wish list for your next trip? :-)


  1. Acu sukaaa semuanyaa. Sepertinya selera kita mirip! :D

  2. iya tiiiiw, gemes banget yaa.. pengen beli semua nggak siiih..? :D