Oct 1, 2014

Traveling Solo in Bali

I've never been fond of traveling solo, though it is much better than traveling than someone that you just can't click with. When traveling solo, I just feel it's not fun because I don't get to goof around, discuss about what we see and experience in the journey and, well, having a travel mate means I can share some cost.

However, this time it feels a bit better. I'm in Bali on my own, and it's my 2nd day now. Yesterday and this morning I bumped into some random things and people that somehow got me feeling happy and interested. I'm excited to welcome whatever will happen in the next few days!

I posted some on Indohoy's Instagram and now here.


colorful kites with playful shapes, I found hanged on the side of Monkey Forest road.
Bali is known for its kite festival, so maybe making these kites just came natural to them?

This is Moses. He's big and fluffy, has wide eyes and loves to snuggle til he falls asleep.
Thanks, Moses' owner, who let me stroke this fur ball a little while ^.^

I killed some time drinking mango juice and play a retro video game at some random alley in Legian.
Just one word: FUN! 


  1. Aku ngak bisa jalan sendirian, mending di kamar aja tidur haha

  2. hahaha iya kak Cumi, aku pun bukan penggemar jalan2 sendirian, makanya surprised juga pas waktu itu ternyata aku cukup menikmati :D