Dec 21, 2017

Sketching on A Road Trip Through Java

Last month I got a chance to go on a road trip, on behalf of, with the Kompas Klasika team. Sponsored by Honda, we went from Jakarta to Gunung Parang (Purwakarta, Central Java), Dieng Plateau (Central Java), Candirejo (Magelang, Central Java), Brumbun (Madiun), Watu Karang (Pacitan, East Java), and lastly Yogyakarta. There were a few destinations that we had to skip due to the impossible weather: Kuta village in West Java and Nglanggeran in Yogyakarta. But, it ain’t road trip if there’s no surprises along the way.

Our schedule was pretty tight. We had to squeeze all that and the way back to Jakarta (I forgot how many kilometers in total) in only 9 days. Still though, I squeezed in sketching as much as I could. I even tried to sketch on a moving car because I was getting bored. Ha.

Gunung Parang, Purwakarta

Gunung Parang is gaining more popularity especially among the daredevil type of adventurous. It’s known for the 90 degrees vertical rock climbing with planted irons called ‘via ferrata’. Did I climb it? Hell, no! But I did draw it, from the comfort of Pajajaran Anyar homestay’s terrace.

Telaga Menjer, Dieng Plateau

Dieng isn’t new to me and I wasn’t too happy upon knowing that it’s included in our itinerary. Why? Because I can’t stand cold weather. But I gotta admit it’s got gorgeous sceneries, which my sketch didn’t do any justice.

Dharma Girli Villas, Magelang

Located about 1 km from Candi Borobudur, this accommodation has 5 villas in joglo shape. I loved staying there because the whole property was nicely design, incorporating Javanese style and modern facilities like a swimming pool. And it’s situated by a river, where you could see the locals doing the everyday activities such as kids sliding in the shallow water and women washing clothes.

Watu Karung Beach, Pacitan

We were unfortunate because it rained non-stopped on our brief stay at the Istana Ombak Eco Resort on Watu Karung Beach. All we did was play cards, eat, type, take photos and wished that the rain would stop. The high season would be in dry season when surfers flock in to ride some waves.

A story of the road trip has been published here: 15 Hours on The Road Home.


  1. sketching is need some consistency! I haven't sketch again for months and feels like a trainee again..

    1. so true. it needs consistent practicing :)

  2. I wanna go roadtrip-ing with you againnnnn!

    1. I hope that chance is coming soon!