Sep 9, 2011


The ride around Batan Island continued… Batanes scenery is so gorgeous, it makes me weak and want to weep... NAH, JUST KIDDING! IT WAS SUPER EXCITING! WOOHOO!

Ivana Town – the oldest house and Honesty Coffee Shop

It’s said to be the oldest house built on the island that still exists, it’s called the Ivana House, because it’s located in Ivana town. Honestly, I expected something more spectacular or more run-down. But the house had gone through a little renovation as it turned out. And it didn’t look that much different or older than the rest of stone houses I saw on the island. It may be historic, but.. then what?
*laughing like Beavis & Butthead*

Ivana House

The next “tourist attraction” I found much more interesting. It’s the Honesty Coffee Shop. And it’s not there just for show. It really tests the honesty of any visitor. There’s nobody waiting the store and coffee shop. They put a price list of each item they sell, including the DIY instant coffee, and a box that’s sitting on the counter acting as the cashier! You take whatever you want, eat/drink in the shop, total the prices, put your money in the box. Wouldn’t it be nice if the whole world can be trusted like that?

Honesty Coffee Shop

Uyugan & Itbud

I don’t know what to say about these two towns or villages, except that..they’re another gorgeous view and breezy ride around Batan Island :D 

And in Uyugan, my taxibike driver was quick enough to pull over when we went past a house with an old lady in her farming cloak (or whatever it’s called), so I could snap a picture, with her approval, of course.

The outfit that we saw in Diura earlier that day

Fundacion Pacita

If Greece didn’t work out for my phantom future honeymoon, I know where to go. Here, Batanes, and definitely would stay at Fundacion Pacita Nature Lodge in Basco, on top of a lush green hill. The house belongs to the rich Abad family and once was a home studio of Pacita Abad, apparently a well-known Philippino artist.

The house on the hill...

Statues of Pacita's parents

We weren’t allowed to go in because only guests were permitted, but already I fell so deeply in love with the house, with the well-maintained garden, panoramic view of Pacific Ocean and the scenic Batanes scenery. My god..!
 Click here to get more info of the lodge. 

View Deck

We had passed this area the day before and looked around for a little bit. Pinoys are known to be devoted Catholics (or so the image), no wonder there are rosarios and Virgin Mary statues in such random places. Like on this View Deck, where else would you see a Virgin Mary shrine at the side of the road almost on the edge of a cliff? Amazing!

What’s also amazing is when you look down the ocean. The scenic view and the protruding deck with benches were the reason this area called “View Deck”. I bet I could even make divine poems if I sat there pondering through the ocean and mountain view long enough… *Oh Romeo Romeo..where art thou oh Romeo..*

And then down we went by the stairs, oh so many stairs…! I was almost dead beat but curiosity won over physical weakness. I made it! I made it down there, jaw-dropped by the enchanting nature, scared by the breaking waves, and freshened by the cool water in the small I-have-no-idea-why-it-was-green sort-of pond or whatever that was. 

Yup, it was that high

Video of View Deck

Brandon’s Lodge

We spent the second night in Basco at Brandon’s Lodge. It’s much nicer than Ivatan Lodge and expectedly cost more. Wanna know more about it? Wait for the next post!  ~ to be continued ~

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