Jan 26, 2012


Finally…  a post on my last day in the Philippines! And this was traveled months ago! Hahahaha.. sorry, I got busy with work and traveling, but there's no way I'm skipping a post on Mary Grace in Manila, now my favorite cafe!

View from the airport

However, we didn’t do much on our last day in Manila. Bu Susan and Pak Jonjo picked us up at the airport and took us to this elite area called Serendra, consisted of apartment buildings, offices, and shopping mall. Main agenda was to munch on – again – ensaymada at the Mary Grace café! Being a true Manila savvy (Manilaist? Manila-er? Manilan? …) that she is, Bu Susan showed us another branch of this lovely café.

Mary Grace at Serendra

And she showed us how to eat the delicacy the better way: dip it in a cup of tsokolade (chocolate)! Yummo! Oh my, I can taste the soft bread with savory cheese disolving with the warm tsokolade and melting in my mouth right now.. *delusional*

A match made in heaven 
Mary Grace's ensaymada, not to be mistaken with other ensaymadas

Meal got yummier with a portion of wheat bread layered with cheese (I forgot what kind) as you like.

What’s more about the loveliness of Mary Grace is that visitors can write some messages or testimony to put beneath the table’s glass surface and on the walls. Here’s what Boyo and I wrote:

A smart way to engage visitors to your business: make them feel they're a part of you

Each of us packed up a dozen of ensaymada to bring home for family, and then checked out what they offered in the mall. We got some fridge magnets, jeepney toys, and said our goodbyes to the kind Bu Susan and Pak Jonjo. We decided to take a cab and do a bit more of souvenir shopping at Kultura store in Mall Of Asia.

And that was it. Another cab ride to airport, another delay of our Cebu Pacific Air flight due to the weather. Too bad the airport didn’t provide wifi connection except in some cafes where you’d have to sit in and ask for their password. 

A cabin bag plus a box of ensaymada each :D

But all in all, the whole trip was fun, and I definitely would love to have another chance roaming in Batanes or even Intramuros, and of course, another ensaymada dip in tsokolate!

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